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Sakura Branch erotic massage is a special service. You will enjoy sensual touches, kisses and beauty of our masseuses during the procedure.

Our beauties are able to please a man, relax and help to forget about everyday problems. Elegant girls in translucent lingerie make Sakura erotic massage with their hands, tongue and lips. They also can use a variety of toys. The touch of hair and body, exciting smells and muted light will not leave you indifferent!

Massage technique

A beautiful girl will meet you and lead to the massage room. After applying the oil, the girl will begin to massage lightly every inch of your body, not leaving out the erogenous zones. Licking your body, the masseuse will cause a storm of emotions. Sakura Branch erotic massage will become a very useful and interesting intimate adventure.

Cost of the session

1 Hour - 4400
Ren. - 3900
1 Hour - 4400
Ren. - 3900
1 Hour - 4400
Ren. - 3900
1 Hour - 4900
Ren. - 4400

The brightest part of the procedure will be contrasting kisses. The girl will touch your hot body with chilled berries (cherry and strawberry) or ice cubes and immediately lick drops of water. Warm breath, sensual movements and contrasts during the process will make the massage unforgettable. Our girls will cheer you up; will let you to get rid of complexes and obsessive thoughts during Sakura Branch massage.

They will also gently bite you and touch you with their naked body. You are provided with emotions that have never been experienced in your life before!

Intimate massage benefits

Intimate massage will bring you not only pleasure, but also health benefits.

Erotic massage will help you:

  • to diversify your sex life;
  • to increase potency;
  • and to raise your spirits.

Sakura Branch erotic massage in St. Petersburg is the best holiday for a real man!

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