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Peep Show with a Toy

Peep-show with a toy is an unforgettable performance for any man. The guest will be able to observe a beautiful naked girl making different tricks. However, he will remain in the shadows. Exciting music, candles, fragrances, semi-dark room create an intimate atmosphere. You are provided with relaxation and a great mood. During a peep show with a toy a girl will caress herself and move smoothly. You will experience real pleasure watching sensual dance by a naked beauty.

Cost of the session

15 Min. - 4000
15 Min. - 4000
15 Min. - 4000
15 Min. - 4500
15 Min. - 4000

After the warm-up, gorgeous girls in erotic underwear will come to your room and begin to undress you slowly. An unforgettable show will begin after. They will use their toys to indulge themselves, groan and gently touch their ideal body. Graceful movements will undoubtedly drag you into a whirlpool of feelings and desires. You will hear their breath, see their delight and smell the scent of scented candles in the room during a peep show with a toy.

Our girls are real masters and are capable of causing the most violent feelings among men. The session lasts 15 minutes. We are confident that this time will always remain in your memory and will be the best event for a long time! Allow you to relax and feel like a real man in our salon! Please order a peep show with a toy in St. Petersburg!

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