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Soap Erotic Massage

Soapy erotic massage is a soft procedure that simultaneously gives you a lot of pleasure and has a healing effect. Gentle stroking, easy squeezing, warm pressing will allow you to cleanse every inch of your skin. Our masseuses carrying out soap massage in St. Petersburg will be able to deliver you a deep relaxation and a sense of ease.

The practice of soap massage is borrowed from Eastern culture where this mysterious action is a part of Turkish hamam, and Thai bath. Your completely relaxed body easily gives in to caresses of gentle sliding hands of the girl, delivering a lot of pleasure and unique sensations.

Cost of the session

1 Hour - 5500
Ren. - 5000
1 Hour - 6000
Ren. - 5500

Secret ingredients of soap massage in St. Petersburg are:

  • Hot steam – affects the skin, opening the pores;
  • Natural scrub from the powder of ground coffee has a purifying effect;
  • Different caresses of erogenous zones, gentle massaging, playful techniques.

Sweet aroma and a light misty veil will help you to completely relax, tune in to pleasure, plunge into erotic pleasure.

Erotic massage in foam technique

Preparation for this massage can be compared with a ceremony. The most important part of the ritual is the preservation of a given atmosphere until the end. In particular, a guest should also be prepared for an erotic aqua massage.

Your skin is steamed by the hot steam clubs before starting. The air temperature is about +50° C. Then a girl helps you to occupy a comfortable position on a massage chair and completely covers your body with foam clubs.

Then follows the very procedure of soap erotic massage, which includes:

  • traditional massage movements – stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, flapping, etc.;
  • elements of body massage – accents on certain areas, increased impact on the pelvic area, and other;
  • variations of tactile sensations – softness of foam, tenderness of a girl's hands, and heat of steam.

Silhouette of a girl invisible behind the screen of thick white foam only enhances your pleasure. Mastery of the techniques of soap massage in St. Petersburg will please men of any age and give new emotions to married couples.

Egoist salon offers sessions in 2 or 4 hands. The duration of this massage is 15 minutes without the preparations.

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