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Branded massage

Our signature massage is a tasty morsel, "cherry on the cake", which we offer to our favorite visitors ... This is a very interesting, unusual, rich session that will not leave indifferent any man! Experience all facets of pleasure with us ...
This one-and-a-half hour program is one of the most beloved and popular among our visitors. And now we are happy to tell you why.

Conditionally the program can be divided into three parts. The first part is classical. Crossing the threshold of our salon, you see charming, charming masseuses, one of which you can choose for a session. The girl escorts you to the apartments and offers to take a shower - together or separately. Warm water will soothe and relax you, prepare the skin and muscles for the most effective massage effect. After the shower, you are conveniently located on a special bed. And the action begins.

The masseuse studies every inch of your body, moving from head to foot, pleasantly kneads the muscles of the neck, arms, back, waist, etc. You will get incredible sensations, enjoying the movements of the hands and body of the girl, as well as the aromatic aromas of essential oils that are positive in the air, which have a positive effect on the nervous system, and pleasant, unobtrusive music. The classic part is designed to prepare you as much as possible for the next exciting and exciting stage - directly erotic massage.

Erotic massage in this case is conducted with elements of the ancient eastern technique "Sakura Branch", the main feature of which is the alternation of cold and hot breath of a girl near the erogenous zones of a man. Fantastic sensations that will lead you to the finale, which can only be compared with a powerful volcanic eruption ...
But on this magical action does not end ... It's time to surprise! The masseuse has in her arsenal as many as five surprises, one of which you can choose based on your tastes, desires and preferences.

But what surprises we have prepared for you:

Cost of the session

VIP 1.5 Hours - 7200
VIP Ren. - 6700
VIP 1.5 Hours - 7200
VIP Ren. - 6700
VIP 1.5 Hours - 7200
VIP Ren. - 6700
VIP 1.5 Hours - 7700
VIP Ren. - 7200
  1. Footfetish. If you like caresses of elegant female legs - this is the perfect choice! Especially for you, the masseuse will wear sexy stockings and continue the massage with her legs.
  2. Exchange of roles. You can try on yourself as a masseur and give pleasure to both the girl and yourself.
  3. Peep show. Fantastic erotic representation, which will show you a languid beauty, will leave a truly unforgettable, with nothing incomparable impressions.
  4. Domination. If you choose this surprise, your masseuse will put on a strict mistress, ready to punish you. Of course, you yourself will control the seriousness of your mistress's intentions.
  5. Massage in 4 hands. 15-20 minutes before the end of the session, you can invite a second masseuse. Together they will provide a delightful, explosive final of the session ...

Feel yourself a real Egoist, to whom truly paradisiacal pleasures are available.

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