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Erotic Session Four Hands

Erotic massage in 4 hands is a unique procedure when two beautiful girls are engaged in your body at the same time. The main charm of it is you’re your body is stimulated twice more intensively and more effectively in the same period of time, and you get at least twice as much pleasure.

Such massage is carried out:

  • in a soft and calm environment;
  • with relaxing music;
  • in a cloud of aromatic oils;
  • in unobtrusive lighting.

We have well-trained pairs of masseuses to act synchronously, i.e., acting on those or other parts of your body exactly as needed, and clearly in accordance with the partner's movements.

Cost of the session

1 Hour - 7600
Ren. - 7100
1 Hour - 7600
Ren. - 7100
1 Hour - 7600
Ren. - 7100
1 Hour - 8100
Ren. - 7600

Why do I need an erotic massage in 4 hands?

  • You will at most enjoy the responsiveness of your body to the manipulation of our experienced and gentle employees.
  • You will be given maximum attention. This intensity of exposure is not available with a single masseuse.
  • This kind of massage is extremely effective as a rehabilitation technique for getting rid of the effects of stress, with high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, frequent headaches, digestive tract diseases.
  • As a result of this massage you will have a soothing and restoring effect on your nervous system.
  • Also, an erotic four-hand massage helps to relieve tension in the muscles, and to relieve fatigue both physically and psychologically.
  • Soaking the skin with oil with various aromatic additives stimulates blood circulation and regenerative processes in the outer covers.
  • The procedure perfectly affects the mobility of joints and increases the overall immunity of the body, there is complete harmony in the distribution of energy flows.

What is the procedure of erotic massage in four hands in St. Petersburg?

  • During the first part of the procedure, the girls will relax you as much as possible and will work out various areas of your body achieving the maximum relaxing and healing effect. Indian (Ayurvedic) and Hawaiian techniques will be introduced.
  • The second part of the procedure lasting for 1 hour will be devoted directly to the erotic component. The emphasis will be on Thai techniques. The magic dance of four hands will immerse you in a state of unceasing happiness, harmony with the universe, expressed through sensual pleasure.

To enjoy high-quality erotic massage in four hands in St. Petersburg, just visit one of our salons! We guarantee that you will return again, because you will want to experience these unforgettable sensations once again!

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