Artur of the session with the master

09.02.2019 19:39:24
Salon: Egoist VIP

Unfortunately, I was extremely dissatisfied with the work of the masseuse Xenia (tattooed). I have been a client of the Egoist massage salon for more than 2 years, and I always liked to come to relax in this salon because of the high professionalism of the masseuses and good service. But this time, instead of relaxation, I experienced tension and discomfort caused by the non-professional attitude of the masseuse to the client (namely, constant hints of changing the program to a more expensive and, therefore, through the closed and cold position of the masseuse). I always use the same program and have always been pleased with the girls, because they did their work lovingly, but this time most of the time was spent on clarifying the relationship and expressing claims to each other. For my long experience of visiting the massage salon I have never come across such an attitude and almost rudeness from the masseuses, on the contrary, there are very warm and friendly relations with many masseuses and girls from the reception. After such cases, unfortunately, there is no desire to come to visit you again, as this is the first time I really regretted my time and money. I really hope for a prompt solution of this problem and some feedback.

28.04.2019 00:22:09